Friday, May 25, 2012

Iron Man Case Mod

Proud sponsors of Iron Man Case Mod

Thermaltake has asked me to mod their new Armor Revo case into Iron Man for the upcoming Avengers movie and the Computech show in June.I started the build with constructing the Arc Reactor that powers the Iron Man suit.

The top piece is constructed from styrene,resin washers,and socket head screws.

 The center piece is a faucet filter with three copper rings also constructed from styrene.

 The bottom half is a copper drain filter painted steel and a RC airplane engine mount.

  The top pieces are constructed from plexi,with 10 mounted scratch built conductors wrapped with copper wire.
 I finished it off with brass wire and solder points
 Strip LED wire is wired into a 12v molex pin, cable sleeved and powered by the PSU

 $20 in hardware will set you back if you want to construct this.

A removable chest panel will go on the case door with all his gears and circuits underneath .

Chest Panel Construction

I refer to pics of the suit to construct the panel for realism
and accuracy.

The panels are constructed from ABS/styrene

The Arc Reactor will go in this center hole. 

 The next step is to build all the little gears seen in the picture,and add them to the panel and case door .

The case is The Armor Revo by Thermaltake.


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